Artist’s Version

“I: Who are you?
E: I am Elijah and this is my daughter Salome.
I: The daughter of Herod, the bloodthirsty woman?”
E: Why do you judge so? You see that she is blind. She is my daughter, the daughter of the prophet.
I: What miracle has united you?
E: It is no miracle. It was so from the beginning. My wisdom and my daughter are one.
I: I am shocked. I am incapable of grasping it.”

From Carl Jung’s The Red Book

“By following Elijah (Logos) and Salome (Eros), I follow the two principles inside me and through me in the world, of which I am part.” – The Red Book

My mission in this art is to go beyond appearances, to look deeper within the psyche and unveil the hidden messages woven throughout our limited human history and religion. In this art, I hope to explore with you the concept of absolute freedom, our inner darkness and incorruptible light, comedy and political policy, sexuality in our death and rebirth, the death of the ego, our blindness and deafness to the spiritual plane, and so much more.

“Every Renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free.” – Anne Sullivan, The Miracle Worker

The Prophet Elijah | "The Miracle Worker"

The Prophet Elijah is a partially blind Neo-Burlesque Artist based in New York City. She arrives on the Burlesque scene with 10 years of performing experience in Fire Dancing, Belly Dance, Ori Tahiti, and Samba. Never satisfied fitting into the mold, The Prophet searched long and hard for a truly free artistic dance outlet and found her true bliss in the art of Burlesque. She aims to portray her great passion for surprising and entertaining an audience through the choreography, theatrics, and storytelling of her pieces. When creating onstage, The Prophet draws not only from her colorful dance background, but incorporates her deep love for history, spirituality, and mythology. With this art, The Prophet Elijah hopes to spark and inspire a feeling that turns the viewer back toward the sacred sexuality within.